Bluestone State has completed many new build projects over the years and has brought
that specialist expertise together to form a team that applies this experience and knowledge
to new build projects across London.

What is underpinning?

Underpinning is the method of strengthening an current building or another structure.

For a number of purposes, underpinning may be necessary:

  1. The initial foundation is just not solid enough, or robust enough.
  2. The characteristics of the base supporting soil may have improved.
  3. Building nearby structures involves soil excavation which supports existing foundations.
  4. Increasing the depth or load capability of existing structures to accommodate the addition to the building of another floor.
  5. The damage has been affected by earthquake, hurricane, drought or other natural causes.

Techniques that we use:

We provide all forms of support to any system including:

  1. Traditional solid concrete bays constructed to the necessary depths.
  2. Traditional bays of mass concrete to support new beams of reinforced concrete.

Mini-piled solutions, including the following:

  1. Stacked raft of existing reinforced concrete
  2. Reinforced steel piles and columns in and out
  3. Additional steel piles and cantilever pillars
  4. The success of each ongoing project is linked to the company’s expertise and information used to execute the works.

The site managers are exceptionally trained in applying the most complex underpinning approaches. There’s almost nothing we can’t support along with our professional engineers.