Loft Conversion

Bluestone State has completed many new build projects over the years and has brought
that specialist expertise together to form a team that applies this experience and knowledge
to new build projects across London.

Why hire BSS for your Loft Conversion project?

We specialise in Loft Conversions. Many properties have the ability to be adapted to provide extra living space, depending on the design of the property and the local planning criteria. We are able to manage all facets of a Loft Conversion from design, planning and construction legislation, work closely through our in-house model, along with the local council instructions, you will still reach maximum possible lengths along heights.

Getting a loft conversion would not only give you living space, but bring value to the property if you sell in the near future as well. We will arrange for you to take a look at specific Loft Conversions in your area and talk to past clients. If you want more information about Loft Conversion please call us to discuss.