House Extensions

Bluestone State has completed many new build projects over the years and has brought
that specialist expertise together to form a team that applies this experience and knowledge
to new build projects across London.

Why hire BSS for your Rear Extensions project?

Extending your house may be one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make. Signing up for your home’s rear extension would save you the hassle of selling your house and heading to a new home to suit your rising family needs. Bluesstone State is dedicated to offering you the house of your dreams through the facilities of rear extensions in London.

We assume the rear extension is a clever and cost-effective way to build greater capacity. It is ideal for upgrading and enlarging rather than moving to new premises. We promise you that the invaluable expertise we have acquired over the years is constantly being utilised to follow the new validated building methods.

Building Your Dreams:

When designing an extension, we take each and every aspect of the project into account and design an extension that offers you full flexibility and easily blends into the current structure.

Certain components we are considering include:
Extension will in no way impact neighbours
Don’t violate your privacy
Planting trees in and near the farm
Law of the Committee